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Micro excavator
Enables our operator to access awkward and small areas. With its ability to enter openings of 800mm the micro can be used inside buildings and can access tight doorways and gateways.



Three ton excavator
A versatile machine with a variety of attachments used for dig outs, foundation works, small demolition and loading skips/lorries.



Track chipper
Suitable for all green waste, tree and hedge clearance. The chipper can work on gradients due to its capacity to self-level.



All machines come in under the legal towable weight, therefore, there is no requirement for a HGV which reduces costs for delivery/uplift of plant.



Screening bucket

Used to make top soil and remove fines from materials. This improves our ability to recycle products on site.


Selector grab

Used for demolition, recycling material and general grab work.



Used to break out rock, concrete and brick.

Riddle bucket

Set with 50mm spacings to separate rock, stones and bricks recycling materials on the job.

Tilting/ditching bucket

Used for profiling landscapes and cleaning out ditches.

Land rake

One with 50mm spacings to remove debris from soil, another used for heavy, obstructive material and roots.

Tree shear

Used with excavator to clear small trees, up to 200mm diameter as an alternative to cutting by hand.



Used to clear areas of gorse, brash and rhododendrons.


Please note all our machines and equipment are for hire along with our own operators (due to insurance costs). None of our machinery is available for self-hire.

Contact Alan Stewart on 07590 928 497.



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